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Sustainable Drainage Systems

Marylebone Rain Garden

Managing rainfall in an urban environment

Street Tree Ltd have installed Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) or ‘Rain Gardens’ for Local Authorities and on New Build Development Sites.

Rain Gardens provide a way of managing rainfall in an urban environment, minimising flood risks and maximising the potential for green infrastructure. Depending on scheme design it is possible to decrease the flow rate to watercourses, utilise water at source, or even store temporarily on site. Water can be treated by filtering through, plants, soils and soil additives and tanks before being returned to use.

This aims to replicate natural processes and runs counter to the standard urban model of moving water away from the source the increased number of buildings and paving, roads and byways mean that demands placed on drainage systems is ever increasing.

SuDS provide a drainage system that is considered to be environmentally beneficial and can also encourage biodiversity of wildlife and plants.

“Street Tree Care provides very valuable advice and support when developing public realm improvements schemes.
Their professionalism and skills has helped us with the successful delivery of various projects working to tight deadlines.
Street Tree Care played a very important role on the delivery of one of the first SUDS within Westminster. This scheme was part of the Low Emission Neighbourhood supported by the London Mayor. Street Tree Care worked closely with our Landscape architects to deliver the landscape aspect of the rain gardens; including soil specification, construction methodologies, site supervision and future maintenance”

David Vazquez Rossainz MSc BSc
Associate Director WSP

Sustainable Drainage System Case Study



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