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Soil Decompaction

Decompaction Finsbury Circus

Aeration & Injection for long term Soil Improvement

It is widely acknowledged that 80% of plant health problems may originate below ground, from issues in the soil and root system. A well-structured soil should consist of 50% air and water, with organic matter in the form of carbon as food for soil organisms.
Our process improves long-term physical soil properties by stabilizing macropores and soil aggregates against future compaction.
The Geo-Injector fractures compacted soils, targets both common and complex soil problems such as waterlogging, compaction, poor soil fertility.

Any comprehensive soil management program should address the following elements –

  • Chemical/nutritional component
  • Biological component
  • Physical component

When To Specify: 

  • Compacted soils restrict root growth, reduce water infiltration/percolation and limit movement of O2 and CO2 in the root zone.
  • Compacted soils also limit the biological component of soil
  • Compacted soils and drought stress are the number one issue for urban trees and underly subsequent secondary, infections from pests and diseases.
  • The process can correct damage to soil structure caused by construction activity AND to improve soils in areas of heavy site use such as in parks, open spaces and private gardens.

This treatment is ideal for –

Large, high value trees, that would represent a significant amenity loss of value.
As site preparation & remediation prior to planting trees and plants in parks, open spaces and private gardens where compaction is an issue and plant establishment rates poor. 

During Treatment: 

A probe injects compressed air to open up cavities, the probe then injects a 2nd controlled dose of specified additives.
The soil additives – fertilisers and soil improvers such as Terramol, enriched Biochar or seaweed stimulate root growth and improve soil structure and the soil biome.
The injector penetrates the soil into the root zone and beyond up to a maximum depth of 1m in lighter soils. Treatment depths depend on site conditions and the specifics of the compaction issue.

What To Expect:

Improved nutrient use and availability enhanced microbial habitat and increased microbial respiration.

  • Reduction of soil compaction
  • Stimulation of root growth through the improvement of soil structure and aeration
  • Draining of waterlogged soils to reactivate natural biological processes
  • Injecting granular material reduces the likelihood of re compaction after treatment.
  • Creates abundant macropore space increasing moisture retention
  • Improvements to the soil biome
  • Reduced disruption to the natural nutrient cycle
  • Mitigating salt stress
  • Improves tree/plant performance with organic bio stimulates and Biochar inoculation
  • An effective method of successfully combating pests and diseases

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