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Tree Pit Surfaces

Ruislip High Street – 2015

On this busy High St. we installed Flexi-pave London Grey.

A ratio mix of 50/50 grey rubber and aggregate.
As you can see after 5 years the surface is performing well.

However, there are potential sourcing issues with this popular colour, as the grey rubber has to be brought in from South East Asia.

Baring Road – 2019

Here the tree pit areas were expanded significantly and in some cased the Eco path rubber / aggregate was a greater ratio of aggregate 70-80%

Wilson Grove – 2017

Flexipave in Silken Black while some may consider its appearance less aesthetically pleasing it is an effective and economical surfacing option.
The 65m² were installed on to 8 trees 3 years ago and the surface is in good condition.

This was a difficult location the large Ailanthus were causing significant disruption to the existing tarmac paving, the kerbs and even the road surface. Short of sacrificing the trees (not an option) or facing increasing public liability claims, the solution to adopt a novel approach was taken.

We were called in to advise or suitability of the site and then install, utilising the material to its fullest extent on trees that otherwise have been considered for removal.

What we can see is that the material has held up well.

Ruislip High Street

Baring Road

Wilson Grove

Westminster Highways – 2019/2020

We have been installing as a standard Addagrip Lucerne Silver onto tree pit bases throughout the borough, primarily in areas where pedestrian flows are high, an example location is Oxford St where we have surfaced in excess of 40 tree pits.

Logistically difficult, the main concern here for the client is durability given the high footfall at the site, however the needs of the trees are met by installing a porous granite surface retained by collars on the Pear trees planted along it’s length.

Elsewhere on trees that are more disruptive we have also been installing a new product Addaflex R we are pleased to say the results are good.

Westminster Highways

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